About Us


The organization Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Rwanda currently named OVC Rwanda is a non profit organization which cares orphans and other vulnerable children ,disabled or living desperate .

OVC Rwanda has been created in 1995,just one year after the genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in Rwanda where many children were living in trouble out of dignity. Emmanuel UWAMAHORO, himself as a former orphan, greatly contributed to its foundation and its development.

Actually OVC Rwanda serves up to 100 children three(3)months up to 18 years old; 1500 children in foster families, old people in Rutongo home and poorest unmarried women living with HIV/AIDS.


OVC Rwanda does a lot of activities linked with children education, health and social development. For aged people and poorest unmarried women living with HIV/AIDS, OVC Rwanda pleads for their cases for better improvement.


OVC Rwanda leads Children Education Center at Masaka in Kicukiro District of Kigali City. Here we plan to build nursery,primary and secondary school for orphans and vulnerable children . There is a disabled children center at Rutongo where actually 70 children are sheltered .However a vocational training center at Byimana in Southern Province knows more than 200 young men and girls while near 1500 children are in foster families .Aged people ,near 50 receive social care at Shyorongi. Unmarried mothers are wandering in Kigali City but regularly come to OVC Rwanda headquarter for support.


OVC Rwanda is always with its groups and never gives up.


OVC Rwanda members, all volunteers, fights for children rights and other weak people like aged or poorest.


OVC Rwanda uses to be familiarized with donors who feel concerned by compassion. They give money, food ,wear and other material ,school fees, recreational support and different gifts that may bring Joy and reinforcing capacities…

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