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As an non profit Organization which cares excluded victims of unlucky childhood related to early disappearance or parents or relatives, being abandoned or due to Rwandese genocide or other disaster, OVC Rwanda stands on children harmony and hope regardless their physical body structure.

OVC Rwanda fights for children rights across Rwanda by providing basic education, in its Hope project in Kigali City, vocational training at Rutongo hill for handicapped children or the technique training center of Byimana in Southern Province. Moreover, it helps ageing people deprived humanitarian care to enjoy their latest days of life shameless at Shyorongi, the northern western entrance door to Kigali City as well as its working experience of reestablishing motherhood rights to unmarried mothers living with HIV disease who are in worse conditions.

OVC Rwanda, with a leading team of 20 persons and other volunteers in love with children rights try daily to make these people healthier and in some cases more productive in the future tense.

Today, no doubt that together, You and I, own power to change vulnerable children future for better. Your partnership may create added value to improve life of those orphans, abandoned, disabled and other vulnerable children living directly framed or in foster home. Think also about those poorest unmarried women who day by day pain for their children life.

Would you have any passion for children care?
Would you want to raise children hope and eliminate their distress and reduce their poverty?
Do you feel concerned by ageing people or disabled children?
Please, don’t hesitate to subscribe for our partnership.
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Let us build brighter future for children.

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We ……………………Representative of …………………or as individual, are interested by OVC Rwanda activities and accept to:
-Contribute to children basic education / vocational training / secondary school / disabled children / health / ageing people / unmarried mothers.
-Participate in social program /small generating income projects

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