Thank you for being in touch with  OVC RWANDA

Background  :

OVC RWANDA  remains  a refuge place for excluded victims of unlucky childhood related to early disappereance of parents or relatives ,being abandoned or to Rwandese tragedy  as social ,economic and cultural  crisis.

OVC RWANDA  is a children harmony and a blooming center.

OVC RWANDA  is a children joy and hope ,so be it normal or handicapped ,ageing persons including poor  unmarried mothers .

Mission : 

OVC RWANDA mission is related to :

-remove orphans and other vulnerable children among which handicapped from despair  and begging

-reestablish motherhood rights to unmarried mothers living with HIV disease  which undergo worse conditions

-help ageing people deprived humanitarian  care to enjoy their latest days of life shameless

-promote economic ,cultural and social opening out to all assisted categories.

Creation and legal status  

OVC RWANDA was created in 1995 and has been operating as a non-profit organization since then. It has no religious affiliation.

Organization implementation

OVC RWANDA  exercises its activities around the country but its head-quarters is  in KIGALI City.

The Trustees

OVC RWANDA  board of 20 persons in love with children rights, daily dedicate their time to run proposed activities under programs.

Besides the leading team, there more 32 volunteers who are very full at any moment in favor of targeted groups.

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