OVC RWANDA plan activities is somehow diversified but better coordinated

A.Social centers

a. Kigali Education Center

Located in Kigali City ,it is OVC RWANDA administrative head-quarters .Just here live in foster family 100 kids and children between 3 months -18 years aged while un married mothers and their kids are only taken in care. Other more 1500 children is foster home regularly come to the office for advices and other guidances… More

b. Handicapped children center of RUTONGO

Nowadays OVC RWANDA tries to cut down the sense of hopelessness about the future of 70 children handicapped at RUTONGO Center ,RULINDO District ,Northern Province not so far from Kigali City. Their handicaps are however disparate ,but ,according to their varieties ,children learn how to get a given vocational training which should help to change their future .Although really professional activities are yet fitting out due to the lack of equipments and of course of other means ,it is looked to the future to develop joinery including toys production ,sewing,shoe-repairing and orthopedic equipments assembling…More

c. Old people’s  at SHYORONGI

Here the organization takes care of 50 old men and women non accompaigned more 65 years aged . These are relatives of some of our children living in  foster home.They have done a lot for them in the past ,may be during the childhood but now ,they feel abandoned before coming in the center .Social volunteers daily are delighting with them,remembring the past and comparing it to the present time…More

d. BYIMANA Vocational training center

To promote vocational and professionnal activities constitute the cornerstone of OVC RWANDA. What else better to a young orphan than to be professionally trained and hence access to an eventual employment . Oh yes OVC RWANDA has thought to the young living in Southern Province by opening BYIMANA vocational training center . Actually ,there are 240 young in different courses : dressmaking, joinery, masonry ,welding . Others like computer science ,mechanics ,technology and so on…are forcast…More

Do you have any passion for children care ?

Would you want to raise children hope and eliminate their destress ,reduce they poverty ?

Please ,choose any social center in OVC RWANDA


P.O.Box 4575 Kigali


B.Small Projects

a.Muhazi Farm

Muhazi lake proximity , a land of 40 acres has been landed for a year ,while searching fund for its acquisition . It is a wonderful place for market gardening and livestock .

How to gather 30 000 000 rwf for that land and since get capital for self –suffiency…More

b. Sponsorship

Near 1500 children in foster home benefit OVC RWANDA support related to scholar fees ,health insurance and other necessities.

Actually unfortunately ,some families face the problems of revenue diminishing due to the poverty and in return affect severely children in care .

OVC RWANDA helps to find funders for coming out these difficulties…More

Please, be compassionate Children need your Kindness


OVC RWANDA draws its resources 100% from donors .However ,no funder until now has felt anxious about the use of his donations. We lead openly our management and always are in partnership.

We invite all sponsors to follow up with us the execution processes.

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